New white paper: Small cells, big challenges: A practical solutions guide

Small cells have come a long way, and they’re not done evolving yet. This new white paper by CommScope’s Dr. Mohamed Nadder Hamdy is a compact and thorough digest of:

  • the history of the technology from 2G to present day
  • the hardware and architecture
  • the importance of coverage, capacity and latency
  • the spectrum used, including 5G and unlicensed bands
  • combiners and connectivity infrastructure
  • integration and backhaul considerations
  • and much more

CommScope is making this new white paper available to you because small cells – Metro Cells in particular – are fast becoming the backbone of today’s denser networks. Even more importantly, they are critical enablers of 5G and other emerging technologies that will power coming generations of communications worldwide.

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Small cells, big challenges: A practical solutions guide by CommScope’s own
Dr. Mohamed
Nadder Hamdy