Today’s sophisticated wireless technology is capable of dramatically improving coverage precision, boosting capacity and enhancing overall network performance — if you know how to deploy it correctly.

How you lay the groundwork for your 4G network will have a lasting effect on future revenue. An effective implementation strategy is the best way to monetise your spectrum. To make the right decisions, you must consider a variety of factors, including:

  • Multiple spectrum bands
  • Protecting your current system
  • Using tower-top remote radio heads
  • Future-ready  technologies
  • Time to market

Join us on July 9th as Philip Sorrells discusses site acquisition, capacity expansion, small-cell technology, backhaul throughput and more during this webinar.

You’ve purchased the spectrum. Now monetise it


Tuesday, July 9
1:30pm BST (London)
2:30pm CEST (Madrid/Paris/Rome/Berlin)
4:30pm GST (Dubai)
4:30pm MSK (Moscow)


Philip Sorrells, V.P. of Strategic Marketing, Wireless

Philip focuses on developing next generation wireless solutions for CommScope. His innovations (RET tilt, agile networks and breakthrough antenna designs) have revolutionised the industry.

Deploy a simpler, faster, smarter wireless network